How To Craft Flower Bed In Palworld

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A Flower Bed in Palworld is a craftable object that provides an aura to increase the gathering speed of your Pals. This can be highly beneficial for boosting resource acquisition through activities like mining, chopping wood, and harvesting plants.


  • Level 24: You need to be at least level 24 to craft the Flower Bed.
  • Crafting Station: Access to a Crafting Station, such as the Workbench or Advanced Workbench, is necessary.
  • Resources:
    • 50 Wood
    • 100 Stone
    • 40 Cement
    • 20 Beautiful Flowers


  1. Open the Crafting Menu: Press “B” on your keyboard or access the crafting menu through your inventory.
  2. Navigate to Furniture: Use the tabs or scrolling function to find the “Furniture” section.
  3. Find the Flower Bed: Locate the Flower Bed within the Furniture section.
  4. Craft it:¬†Ensure you have enough resources and then click “Craft” to begin construction.

Additional Tips:

  • Beautiful Flower Farming: Acquiring 20 Beautiful Flowers can be challenging early on. Consider exploring Bunny habitats or crafting Memory Wiping Medicine (requires Beautiful Flowers) to sell and buy them from merchants.
  • Strategic Placement: Place the Flower Bed near areas where your Pals frequently gather resources to maximize its effect.
  • Multiple Flower Beds: Consider crafting multiple Flower Beds to cover larger gathering areas or cater to the needs of many Pals.
  • Combine with other Buffs: The Flower Bed’s gathering speed buff stacks with other effects like food and clothing bonuses, further enhancing your resource collection.
  • Alternative Gathering Methods: While the Flower Bed helps, prioritize tools and Pals with gathering-specific skills for optimal efficiency.

Crafting Cost:

Flower Bed Palworld