How To Craft Antique Mirror Set In Palworld

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The Antique Mirror Set in Palworld is a decorative furniture set that enhances the interior of your Palworld dwelling. It doesn’t have any functional use beyond aesthetics, but the set adds a classic and sophisticated touch to your living space. The set typically consists of:

  • Wall-mounted mirror: This ornately framed mirror reflects your surroundings, adding depth and dimension to your room.
  • Matching side tables: Often adorned with intricate carvings or details, these tables enhance the mirror’s impact and provide additional surface space.
  • Optional accessories: Some Antique Mirror Sets might include decorative items like vases, candlesticks, or figurines, further enriching the nostalgic ambiance.


  • 10 Wood: Wood is a readily available resource, gathered from chopping trees or purchasing from traders.
  • 10 Stone: Stone can be mined from deposits found around the world or bought from vendors.
  • 2 Paldium Fragments: These rarer materials are obtained by defeating Palmon, a challenging boss monster, or purchasing them on the market.


  • Antique Wall Mirror: 10 Wood, 10 Stone and 2 Paldium Fragment
  • Antique Mirror: 10 wood. 8 Stone and 1 Paldium Fragment
  • Antique Oval Mirror: 10 Wood, 10 Stone and 2 Paldium Fragment


  1. Gather the required resources: Make sure you have enough Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments in your inventory.
  2. Open the Crafting Menu: Access the crafting menu by pressing the designated key (default: “B”).
  3. Navigate to Furniture: Locate the “Furniture” section within the crafting menu.
  4. Find the Antique Mirror Set: Search for the “Antique Mirror Set” blueprint or recipe.
  5. Craft the Set: If you have enough materials, select the Antique Mirror Set and initiate the crafting process. Wait for the crafting time to complete, and the set will be added to your inventory.

Additional Tips:

  • Placement: Experiment with different placements for the mirror and side tables to achieve the desired visual effect. Utilize the mirror’s reflective properties to create an illusion of spaciousness or highlight specific features of your room.
  • Customization: While the Antique Mirror Set has a fixed design, you can personalize your space by adding other furniture pieces, rugs, plants, or decorations that complement the vintage aesthetic.
  • Alternatives: If you lack the resources or time to craft the Antique Mirror Set, consider purchasing it from other players on the market or seeking out blueprints for similar furniture sets with different material requirements.

Crafting Cost:

Antique Mirror Set Palworld