How To Craft Feed Box In Palworld

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The Feed Box in Palworld is a crucial item for managing your Pals’ hunger levels. It allows you to automate the feeding process, ensuring that your Pals stay well-nourished and active.

How to craft a Feed Box in Palworld:

  1. Reach Level 4: You must reach Level 4 in Palworld to unlock the Feed Box technology. This means completing various quests and tasks to gain experience points.
  2. Gather 20 Wood: The Feed Box requires 20 Wood to craft. Wood can be obtained from chopping down trees in various biomes.
  3. Access the Technology Menu: Open your inventory and select the “Technology” tab. Scroll down to the “Building” category and locate the “Feed Box” technology.
  4. Unlock the Feed Box: Click on the “Feed Box” icon to unlock it. This will consume two technology points.
  5. Craft the Feed Box: Once unlocked, you can craft the Feed Box by selecting the “Craft” button in the Technology menu. The crafting process will consume 20 Wood.
  6. Place the Feed Box: Once crafted, the Feed Box will be added to your inventory. Place the Feed Box inside your base by selecting it and dragging it onto the desired location.
  7. Fill the Feed Box with Food: To feed your Pals automatically, you need to fill the Feed Box with food. You can transfer food items from your inventory to the Feed Box by dragging and dropping them.
  8. Automated Feeding: Once the Feed Box is filled with food, your Pals will automatically eat from it when their hunger levels drop. This eliminates the need for manual feeding.

Remember, Pals have different food preferences, so it’s best to provide a variety of food items in the Feed Box to cater to their needs.

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