How To Craft Cloth Outfit In Palworld

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Crafting a cloth outfit in Palworld involves a few steps and requires you to have access to certain materials and facilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Gather Wool: Wool is the primary ingredient for crafting cloth. You can obtain wool from two main sources:
    • Harvesting Lamballs: Lamballs are adorable sheep-like Pals that roam the fields. You can hunt them down and collect the wool they drop.
    • Ranching Lamballs: If you prefer a more peaceful approach, you can build a Ranch structure at your base. Assign Lamballs to the Ranch, and they will periodically produce wool.
  2. Unlock Cloth Recipe: Once you have some wool, you’ll need to unlock the Cloth crafting recipe. To do this, reach Level 3 in the Technology tree. The Cloth recipe will then be available in the Crafting menu.
  3. Craft Cloth: Now, you can craft Cloth using the Primitive Workbench. Simply combine two pieces of wool to create one cloth.
  4. Unlock Cloth Outfit Recipe: Similar to the Cloth recipe, you need to reach Level 4 in the Technology tree to unlock the Cloth Outfit recipe. This recipe allows you to craft basic cloth outfits for your character.
  5. Craft Cloth Outfit: Once you have the recipe, you can craft a Cloth Outfit at the Primitive Workbench. The outfit will provide basic protection and warmth.

Remember, cloth is a versatile material in Palworld, and you can use it to craft various items beyond outfits, such as bags, hats, and even advanced armor. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more advanced Cloth recipes and crafting stations to enhance your creations.

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