How To Craft A Modification Bench In Palia?

Modification Bench Palia

The Modification Bench is an essential tool for interior design enthusiasts in Palia. It allows players to customize the colors and designs of their furniture, adding a personal touch to their homes.

Once crafted, the Modification Bench can be placed in any player’s housing plot. To use it, simply interact with the bench and select the furniture you want to modify from your inventory. From there, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs, including the default, Autumn, Berry, Classic, Shore, and Calathea. Each furniture piece has a set of colors and designs that it can be modified with.

The Modification Bench is a versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of different looks for your home. Whether you want to create a cozy and inviting space or a sleek and modern one, the Modification Bench is essential for achieving your desired aesthetic

To craft a Modification Bench in Palia:

  1. Reach Furniture Making Level 4:
    • The Modification Bench recipe is available for purchase from Tish’s Furniture Making Guild Store once you reach around level 4 in Furniture Making. You can check your current level by opening the Skills menu (default key: “K”) and selecting the Furniture Making skill.
  2. Gather the Required Materials:
    • The Modification Bench requires the following materials to craft:
      • Sapwood Planks: 10 Sapwood Planks can be obtained by refining Sapwood logs at a Sawmill. Sapwood logs can be found by chopping down Oak or Samara trees in Kilima Valley and Juniper trees in Bahari Bay.
      • Copper Bars: 5 Copper Bars can be obtained by refining Copper Ore at a Smelter. Copper Ore can be found around cliffs and hills throughout Kilima Valley.
      • Ceramic: 5 Ceramic can be obtained by refining clay at a Kiln. Clay can be found in abundance near rivers and streams.
      • Leather: 5 Leather can be obtained by crafting it at a Tannery or by purchasing it from the General Goods Store. Leather requires 10 Rawhide to craft, which can be obtained by skinning animals.
  3. Purchase the Recipe:
    • Once you have the required materials, head to Tish’s Furniture Making Guild Store in Kilima Village. The Modification Bench recipe costs 500 Gold.
  4. Craft the Modification Bench:
    • With the recipe in hand, head to a Workbench and open the crafting menu. Select the Modification Bench recipe from the list and then place the required materials into the crafting slots. Once all materials are placed, click the “Craft” button to create the Modification Bench.
  5. Place and Use the Modification Bench:
    • Once crafted, the Modification Bench can be placed and used anywhere in your home, including the Makeshift Tent. Interact with the Modification Bench to open its menu. Select the furniture piece you want to modify from your storage and then choose from the available customization options. You can change the furniture’s color, material, and pattern using Furniture Modification Kits, which can be purchased from Tish’s Furniture Making Guild Store.