How To Craft A Basic Sawmill In Palia?

Basic Sawmill Palia

The Basic Sawmill is a crucial crafting station in Palia that allows players to refine wood into planks, a fundamental building material for constructing and expanding their houses. Once crafted, the Basic Sawmill can be placed within the player’s designated housing plot. By interacting with the sawmill’s interface, players can insert various types of wood into the designated slots. Upon activation, the sawmill efficiently transforms the inputted wood into planks, adding a valuable resource to the player’s inventory.

How to craft basic sawmill?

What you need: 40 Sapwood, 12 Flint and 20 Plant Fiber

Where to get the materials:

  • Sapwood can be found by chopping down small trees.
  • Flint can be found by mining rocks.
  • Plant Fiber can be found by foraging plants.

Crafting the sawmill:

  1. Open your crafting menu.
  2. Go to the Furniture tab.
  3. Find the Basic Sawmill recipe.
  4. Click on the recipe and then click on the Craft button.
  5. The sawmill will be added to your inventory.

Using the sawmill:

  1. Place the sawmill in your house.
  2. Open the sawmill’s interface.
  3. Put the wood you want to turn into planks into the sawmill.
  4. Click on the Craft button.
  5. The planks will be added to your inventory.

Upgrade the sawmill:

  • The Basic Sawmill can be upgraded to a Heavy Sawmill by talking to Ashura at the inn in Kilima Village.
  • To upgrade the sawmill, you will need the following materials:
    • 100 Sapwood
    • 30 Flint
    • 50 Plant Fiber