How To Craft A Fabric Loom In Palia?

Fabric Looom Palia

The Fabric Loom is a spinning wheel-like machine that is used to transform raw cotton fibers into usable fabric. It is a necessary tool for any player who wants to craft their own clothes, armor, or other items that require fabric. To use the Fabric Loom, players will need to have access to cotton fibers, which can be obtained by planting and harvesting cotton seeds.

To craft a Fabric Loom in Palia:

  1. Reach Furnishing level 2:
    • You can earn Furnishing experience points by crafting furniture, harvesting crops, or collecting items from the environment. Once you reach Furnishing level 2, a letter will be sent to you by Tish, the furniture shop owner in Kilima Village, informing you about the new recipes available for purchase in her store.
  2. Purchase the Fabric Loom recipe from Tish:
    • Once you have reached Furnishing level 2, visit Tish in Kilima Village. She will sell you the “Fabric Loom” recipe for 100 gold.
  3. Gather the crafting materials:
    • The Fabric Loom requires the following materials to be crafted: 15 Sapwood Planks, 20 Plant Fibers, 2 Copper Bars and 5 Ceramics
  4. Craft the Fabric Loom:
    • Once you have gathered all the required materials, go to your plot and select the “Crafting” option. The Fabric Loom recipe will be available under the “Furnishing” category. Select the recipe and choose to craft the Fabric Loom. The crafting process will take 10 minutes.
  5. Place the Fabric Loom:
    • Once the Fabric Loom is crafted, you can place it in your plot by selecting it from your inventory and then choosing the place option.
  6. Use the Fabric Loom:
    • The Fabric Loom can be used to craft Fabric and Leather. To craft Fabric, you will need 1 Cotton. To craft Leather, you will need 1 Cernic Hide. The crafting time for Fabric is 8 minutes, and the crafting time for Leather is 5 minutes.

Recipes for Fabric Loom:

  • Fabric: 1 Cotton
  • Leather: 1 Cernic Hide

Cotton can be purchased from Ziki’s General Store in Kilima Village for 40 gold. Cernic Hides can be obtained by hunting Cernic, which are small, furry creatures that can be found in the forests of Palia.

The Fabric Loom is a great way to get started crafting in Palia. With it, you can create Fabric and Leather, which are essential materials for many other crafting recipes.

Fabric Loom Palia