How To Change UI Display Scale Davinci Resolve

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DaVinci Resolve offers an immersive editing experience, part of which is due to its highly customizable interface. One aspect that significantly contributes to user comfort and efficiency is the UI Display Scale feature. This feature allows users to adjust the scale of the interface, making it easier to read text and view elements on various screen sizes and resolutions. Whether you’re working on a small laptop or a large monitor, adjusting the UI Display Scale can enhance your viewing and interaction with the software. Follow these steps to change the UI Display Scale in DaVinci Resolve.

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve: Start by launching the DaVinci Resolve application on your device.
  2. Enter Preferences: Click on ‘DaVinci Resolve’ in the top left corner of the menu bar. From the dropdown menu that appears, select ‘Preferences’ to access the settings window.
  3. Select User Preferences: In the Preferences window, you’ll see different tabs categorizing various settings. Click on the ‘User’ tab to access preferences that are specific to the user interface.
  4. Access UI Settings: Within the User preferences, find and click on ‘UI Settings’. This section contains settings that affect the appearance and layout of the DaVinci Resolve interface.
  5. Adjust the UI Display Scale Option: Look for the ‘UI Display Scale’ option in the UI Settings. You will see several choices to scale the interface to your liking:
    • Auto: Choose this option to allow DaVinci Resolve to automatically adjust the UI scale based on your system’s screen resolution and size.
    • 100%: Select this option for the standard scale, which keeps the UI at its default size.
    • 150%: Opt for this if you prefer the UI elements to be larger, making them easier to see and interact with, especially on high-resolution displays.
    • 200%: Choose this for the largest scale, significantly increasing the size of UI elements, ideal for very high-resolution screens or for users needing larger visuals for accessibility reasons.

Tailoring the UI Display Scale in DaVinci Resolve can greatly impact your editing comfort and efficiency. By adjusting the scale to match your specific screen size and personal preference, you ensure a more enjoyable and productive editing session. Follow these easy steps to customize the interface to your needs, and transform your video editing experience into one that is truly your own.