How To Change Submenu Border Radius Header Builder Astra Theme

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Adjusting the border radius of the submenu in your WordPress website can add a modern touch and improve the overall aesthetic of your site’s navigation. This customization is particularly simple for websites using the Astra theme, thanks to its user-friendly Header Builder. Changing the border radius of your submenu can help soften the edges or give a more distinct, geometric appearance, depending on your design preferences. The following guide will take you through the steps to change the submenu border radius in the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Dashboard: Begin by logging into your WordPress backend. This dashboard is your control center for managing the content and settings of your WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to Astra Settings: In your dashboard, find and click on the ‘Astra’ option in the left menu bar. This will bring you to the settings area specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Go to Theme Customizer: Within the Astra settings, look for a link or button labeled ‘Go to Customizer’. Click on this to enter the WordPress Customizer, a live preview tool for adjusting various theme settings.
  4. Open Header Builder: In the WordPress Customizer, locate and select ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a feature within the Astra theme that allows you to customize your site’s header, including menu settings.
  5. Select Primary Menu: Inside the Header Builder, click on ‘Primary Menu’. This section lets you manage settings for your site’s primary navigation menu.
  6. Click on Design: In the primary menu settings, navigate to the ‘Design’ tab. This area contains different design-related options for your menu.
  7. Adjust Submenu Border Radius: Under the ‘Design’ tab, locate the ‘SUBMENU CONTAINER’ section. Here, find the ‘Border Radius’ option. Change this setting to adjust the curvature of the corners of your submenu.
  8. Publish the Changes: After setting the border radius to your desired level, click on the ‘Publish’ button. This action will save your changes and apply them to the live version of your website.

By customizing the border radius of the submenu in your Astra-themed WordPress site, you have added a personal touch to your site’s design. Such adjustments, while subtle, can significantly enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your site’s navigation. Always preview your changes on various devices and browsers to ensure a consistent and optimal visual impact.