Enable/Disable Anonymize Your Name Skull and Bones

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Ahoy, captains of mystery and renown! As you navigate the perilous waters of “Skull and Bones,” the choice to sail incognito or under your famed banner can shape your interactions with friends and foes alike. The “Anonymize Your Name” feature offers a unique opportunity to control how you’re perceived in this vast, open world. Whether you prefer the anonymity of a shadowy figure or the glory of a known pirate legend, this guide will help you set your sails accordingly.

  1. Open Skull and Bones Main Screen: Embark on this journey by launching “Skull and Bones” and arriving at the main menu, your gateway to adventure and customization.
  2. Click on Options: Locate and select the “Options” button on the main screen. This is your first step towards personalizing your gameplay experience.
  3. Click on Settings: Within the options menu, find and click on “Settings.” Here, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of options to tailor the game to your liking.
  4. Click on Gameplay: Dive into the settings by selecting “Gameplay.” This section houses adjustments that directly affect your in-game experience and interactions.
  5. Locate the Anonymize Your Name Option: Search for the “Anonymize Your Name” setting within the gameplay options. This crucial feature allows you to manage how your identity is displayed to others in the game.
  6. Change the Anonymize Your Name Option:
    • Off: Choose this to disable name anonymization. Your true pirate name will be visible to all, marking your deeds with your signature for tales to be told.
    • For You: Select this option if you wish to see your name anonymized on your screen, maintaining a sense of mystery in your own view.
    • For Others: Opt for this setting to have your name anonymized for other players, allowing you to navigate the game world without revealing your identity to them.
    • For All: This option anonymizes your name for both yourself and other players, ensuring complete privacy and allowing you to craft a new legend untethered to your name.

With your name now cloaked in as much or as little mystery as you desire, the seas of “Skull and Bones” are yours to conquer under your chosen guise. Whether you’re a ghost on the waters or a pirate whose name rings out in every port, how you’re known in this treacherous world is now yours to decide. May your choices lead you to undiscovered treasures and epic tales worthy of the legend you choose to be—or not to be. Set your course, captain, and let the adventure unfold!