Enable/Disable Anonymize Other Players Skull and Bones

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Greetings, navigators of the digital seas! In the treacherous realms of “Skull and Bones,” who you trust and how you engage with other players can be as crucial as your skill at the helm. With the “Anonymize Other Players” setting, you have the power to decide how much you know about the pirates you encounter. Whether you’re wary of revealing too much to potential rivals or open to forging alliances based on mutual recognition, this feature puts control in your hands. Let’s set sail on customizing your social interactions on the high seas.

  1. Open Skull and Bones Main Screen: Start your adventure by launching “Skull and Bones” and accessing the main menu, the hub from which all your settings and journeys begin.
  2. Click on Options: On the main screen, locate and select the “Options” button. This is your compass to navigating the customization options that will shape your gameplay experience.
  3. Click on Settings: Within the options menu, seek out the “Settings” option and click on it. Here lies a broad selection of settings that can be adjusted to fit your preferences.
  4. Click on Gameplay: In the settings menu, find and select “Gameplay.” This section includes options that influence your interaction with the game world and its inhabitants.
  5. Locate the Anonymize Other Players Option: Search for the “Anonymize Other Players” setting within the gameplay options. This feature allows you to control how other players’ identities are presented to you.
  6. Change the Anonymize Other Players Option:
    • Off: Choose this to keep all player names visible. Ideal for players who value transparency and the ability to recognize friends and foes alike.
    • Contacts: Select this option to anonymize players who are not in your contacts list, allowing you to see the names of friends while maintaining privacy from strangers.
    • Strangers: Opt for this setting to anonymize players you don’t have any direct connection with, fostering a sense of community among known allies and contacts.
    • All: This option anonymizes the names of all players, offering a uniform level of privacy and mystery in every encounter, regardless of prior relationships.

With the “Anonymize Other Players” feature set to your liking, you’re ready to chart a course through “Skull and Bones” with a new perspective on your fellow pirates. Whether you’re sailing with an open book or under a veil of secrecy, how you interact with the characters around you can now be more closely aligned with your personal style. Remember, the sea is vast, and so are the possibilities for adventure. May your choices lead you to thrilling encounters and legendary tales!