DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 151-200

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Game Level 151-200

Level 151: Find an elephant
– Delete the dinosaur in the middle

Level 152: Erase the excess
– Delete the number 3 to the left

Level 153: Help the girl
– Delete the needles

Level 154: Melt the snowman
– Delete the red fire hydrant

Level 155: Get out the friendzone
– Delete the circle under him

Level 156: Help the driver through
– Delete the ice top

Level 157: Remove the makeup
– Delete the pink color

Level 158: Prevent the accident
– Delete the car window

Level 159: Fulfil her dream
– Delete the little window in the washer

Level 160: Get the hair cut as in the photo
– Delete some of the hair

Level 161: What’s not right here?
– Delete the weight number 5 to the right

Level 162: Where is money?
– Delete the hat on the pig to the right

Level 163: Wake the girl up
– Delete the book on her face

Level 164: Get to the gift
– Delete the labyrinth

Level 165: Save the boy
– Delete the pole

Level 166: When is New York?
– Delete the calendar two times

Level 167: Get the finger out of the nose
– Delete the hand

Level 168: What is his dream?
– Delete the broom

Level 169: Eat the honey
– Delete the secure net on his face

Level 170: What is the astronomer hiding?
– Delete the binoculars

Level 171: Erase the excess
– Delete the star cookie

Level 172: Frighten the fox
– Delete the chicken house

Level 173: Save the ship
– Delete the ice under the water

Level 174: Find the singer
– Delete the curtain

Level 175: Save the girl
– Delete the water tank on the ground

Level 176: Win the match-3 game
– Delete the bottom blue to the left

Level 177: Loves me.. Doesen’t love me
– Delete the flower leaves

Level 178: Save the bullfighter
– Delete the red blanket

Level 179: Help the cats
– Delete the books

Level 180: Make them the same
– Delete all the colors

Level 181: Help to cross the road
– Delete the colors red and yellow

Level 182: Find the wife
– Delete the beer

Level 183: Who is outsider?
– Delete the one in the middle

Level 184: Find the Great Bear
– Delete the hay stack

Level 185: Find the thief
– Delete the curtain and the green bag

Level 186: Help the boxer in blue clothes
– Delete the HP on the other boxer

Level 187: What is hiding here?
– Delete all the blue circles

Level 188: Who is the vampire?
– Delete the lights on the cake

Level 189: Who is he scared of?
– Delete the ghost

Level 190: Find the mistake
– Delete the Clock displays on the red one

Level 191: Find the festive collage
– Delete the bottom of the cone and the flower

Level 192: Cheer the hamster up
– Delete the hamster wheel

Level 193: Who is following her?
– Delete the drawers

Level 194: Make the painting more expensive
– Delete the mouth on the painting

Level 195: Heat the pan
– Delete the tv screen

Level 196: Win a price
– Delete the claws on the machine

Level 197: Pop the baloons
– Delete the top on the girl – then the balloons in the bra

Level 198: Find the goose
– Delete the mane on the horse

Level 199: Make the dog happy
– Delete the red band on the meat bone

Level 200: Correct the grade
– Delete the color outside the square