DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 121-150

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Game Level 121-150

Level 121: Help the hamster to get home
– Delete the door at the house

Level 122: Do as in the picture
– Delete the hair

Level 123: Make a fountain pen
– Delete the girl head and the top of the pen

Level 124: Save the planet
– Delete all the trash around the world

Level 125: Get a jackpot
– Delete the last seven over the text jackpot

Level 126: Erase the excess
– Delete the cactus

Level 127: Remove the obstacle
– Delete the first two roots on the orange

Level 128: Find the cleaner
– Delete the water

Level 129: Surprize the girl
– Delete the bear costume

Level 130: Set them free
– Delete the braces

Level 131: Find the pear
– Delete the lamp

Level 132: Get an orange color
– Delete the green color

Level 133: Save the penguin
– Delete the ground

Level 134: Why is the child so sad?
– Delete the beard on the man

Level 135: Match them
– Delete the upper side of the key

Level 136: What is he hiding?
– Delete the cabinet

Level 137: Make the bed
– Delete the blanket

Level 138: Defrost the freezer
– Delete the wire

Level 139: Help the student
– Delete the game on the screen

Level 140: Modernize it
– Delete the phone

Level 141: Switch the lamp on
– Delete the yellow color

Level 142: Pass the control
– Delete the top of the big pencil

Level 143: Assemble the chess piece
– Delete the bottom of the horse and the cactus

Level 144: Balance the power
– Delete the belt on the blue guy

Level 145: Find the ostrich
– Delete the cactus

Level 146: Squeeze the juice
– Delete the bottom of the orange

Level 147: What is wrong here?
– Delete the wings

Level 148: Too hot!
– Delete the sun

Level 149: Find the cat
– Delete the pink shirt

Level 150: Wake him up
– Delete the curtain