Brain Exercise Tricky Puzzles Level 1-20

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Give your brain a workout with these mind-bending puzzles!

Are you ready to challenge your mind and test your problem-solving skills? Then you’ll love Brain Exercise: Tricky Puzzles! This addictive mobile game features a variety of puzzles that will have you thinking outside the box.

With its simple yet engaging gameplay, Brain Exercise: Tricky Puzzles is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re a puzzle pro or a casual gamer, you’re sure to enjoy this challenging and entertaining game.

Level 1: The boy has lost his phone! Find it.
Level 2: Is there anything inedible here?
Level 3: Which sticker was put on the second one?
Level 4: Which animal is the biggest?
Level 5: Which egg is a fake one?
Level 6: Count all the coconuts on the screen!
Level 7: Find the biggest drop
Level 8: Which one is different?
Level 9: Collect all the rainbow poop.
Level 10: How many pineapples are on the screen?
Level 11: What number is hidden behind the cactus?
Level 12: What is the number of the occupied parking place?
Level 13: Find a single mitt
Level 14: Make the text on the arrows truthful
Level 15: Grow a flower
Level 16: Who stays up at night?
Level 17: Who ate the apple?
Level 18: Calm the girl down
Level 19: Click on the ice cream above the text
Level 20: Where is my green candy?

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love Brain Exercise: Tricky Puzzles:

  • A variety of puzzles to keep your brain engaged
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay
  • Challenging and entertaining
  • Perfect for everyone
  • Free to download