Brain Crack Level 1-20

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Brain Crack Game Level 1-20

Level 1: Which one is the smallest?
– Check Bird Mouth. Worm is the answer

Level 2: How many cows?
– Answer is 10

Level 3: Which one is the deepest?
– Earth is the deepest

Level 4: Which bulb is defective?
– Move the bulb then you can find it

Level 5: How many stars would you give us?
– 5 stars

Level 6: Form a triangle.
– Drag half of the rhombus out of the screen to make a triangle

Level 7: Enter the largest real number?
– 00

Level 8: Find out the heaviest one.
– Put all the things put into one box

Level 9: What’s your number when you passed the NO.2?
– Drag away from the question mark. Answer is 23

Level 10: Move one card to make the equation right.
– Remove 1 from the equation

Level 11: Which one is not a fruit?
– The plate

Level 12: Get them to bed.
– Tap Both babies at the same time

Level 13: Find the smallest number on the screen!
– Answer is 13

Level 14: Put out the fire.
– Drag the title and the helicopter away

Level 15: I’m freezing! Help me!
– Drag the hole away then you can hit it

Level 16: Hit the gopher!
– Drag the hole away then you can hit it

Level 17: Go to the moon.
– Enlarge the rocket

Level 18: Make a correction!
– 0.1 + 0.9 = 1

Level 19: Find the Ice cream.
– Drag the clown’s hat under the chocolate cream

Level 20: Be the first one to burst the balloon!
– Disable the pump before you start and tap the blow button