Potion Station in Hogwarts Legacy

There is 12 different Potions Station that you can choose between in your room of requirement. The designs can be bought in Tomes Of Scrolls in Hogsmeade. It cost moonstones to build and place the potions stations and you can only have 7 conjured.

Potion:Ingrediens:Brewing time:Effect:
Edurus Potion1 x Ashwinder Eggs
1 x Mongrel Fur
30sA potion that enhances the drinker’s defence by
covering them with a durable rocky skin
Wiggenweld Potion1 x Horklump Juice
1 x Dittany Leaves
15sAids in healing and restores a bit Of the drinker’s
Focus Potion1 x Lacewings Flies
1 x Fluxweed Stem
1 x Dugbog Tongue
1mReduces the drinker’s spell cooldowns
Maxima Potion1 x Leech Juice
1 x Spider Fang
30sIncreases the drinker’s spell damage for a limited
amount Of time
Invisibility Potion1 x Leaping Toadstool Caps
1 x Knotgrass Sprig
1 x Troll Bogeys
1mThe drinker turns invisible, causing enemies to
immediately lose sight Of them – the drinker is then
imperceptible for a period Of time
Thunderbrew Potion1 x Leech Juice
1 x Shrivelfig Fruit
1 x Stench Of The Dead
1m 30sCreates a storm around the drinker which will stun
and damage nearby enemies

Where can I buy these potions recipe?

You can buy the Potions recipe at J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade. He also have ingredients and combat tools.

J. Pippins Potion Hogsmeade Location