Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky Puzzles Level 31-60

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Kidding Me Game Level 31-60

Level 31: Tom’s dog is gone. Where is it?
– Turn your phone upside down to pass the level.

Level 32: Which of the following is the smallest?
– They mean by smallest mean in size, so click on 558 to pass the level.

Level 33: Which one is shoddy construction?
– Just shake your phone to find the shoddy building and click on it to pass the level.

Level 34: Find the darkest color on the screen!
– The darkest color on the screen is of the question text itself, so just click on the question to pass the level.

Level 35: How many rabbits are there?
– Some rabbits are hiding behind each other try dragging them, and try to drag the clean button and you will see a few more rabbits, now the total rabbits are “13”.

Level 36: What does a frog and a mosquito equal?
– Drag the frog and put it after the equation to pass the level.

Level 37: Help Jack win a doll.
– Shake your phone and you will find a mole dizzy, now use that to win the game.

Level 38: Find the little ox.
– Find it on the picture – Left button corner.

Level 39: What is your answer?
– One banana is worth 7 and the grape bunch is worth 17, so one grape bunch and one banana are worth 24.

Level 40: Which of the following occupations only works one day a year
– Santa works only one day a year.

Level 41: Help the motorcyclist win the race
– First, tap on forward then use two fingers to stop the two other vehicles then hold click on the forward button to pass the level.

Level 42: Pour put the crisps
– Hold tap on the chips packet then Tilt your device right to the open side of the packet.

Level 43: Click “Pass”
– Try to look for the light gray word on the screen, then click on it to pass the level.

Level 44: Could you find out the black spots
– Find it on the picture

Level 45: Where is the bat?
– Drag the cloud and hide the sun to find the hidden bat.

Level 46: Monkey also wants to eat bananas
– Drag the question text under the bananas to make a layer or wall then let the monkey jump on it to get the bananas.

Level 47: Mom and girlfriend fell into the water at the same time, which one would you save first?
– Just shake your phone and wake him up so he doesn’t have to decide between them.

Level 48: How many squares are there?
– Try dragging the squares and you will see that total squares are “3”.

Level 49: Please park your car
– Drag the scooter out of the way and make an effort to park the car in the empty space.

Level 50: Please choose a number to make the equation true.
– 12+13+5=30.

Level 51: Find something you can eat!
– Drag the yellow ball on the cloud to make the omelet.

Level 52: Where are the stars?
– Just shake your device to find the stars.

Level 53: Correct the direction
– Rotate your phone to an angle so that the arrow shows the right direction.

Level 54: Can you come out of this maze?
– The hint is that don’t use the maze and make it go from the outside of the maze.

Level 55: Count the number of frogs.
– Zoom into the water to find the hidden frogs then count them all, and the total frogs are “18”.

Level 56: Which one cannot be eaten?
– The plate can not be eaten, so just click on the plate to pass the level.

Level 57: Where is the gluttonous bear, find out quickly?
– Drag the honeycomb over each of the traps, then when you see the eyes, tap them with a different finger.

Level 58: How many hairs?
– Try to remove the wig of the boy now count the hairs again.

Level 59: Please turn on all the lights.
– Tap on the first button to light the other two bulbs, then drag the first bulb out of the screen.

Level 60: Please put the shape in the corresponding position
– Zoom out the blue rectangle and fit all the spaes.