Kidding Me – Ready for tricky puzzle? Level 1-30

YouTube video

Level 1: Find the biggest one.
– Watermelon

Level 2: Pop the red balloons from left to right
– Burst the balloons from left to right (only red balloons).

Level 3: Which one is the tallest?
– Tap same.

Level 4: Which two of the following are carnivores?
– The lion is hiding from the board, so just drag the board and click on the lion to pass the level.

Level 5: Which color is the most?
– White color is most on the screen.

Level 6: Can you make a semicircle?
– Drag half of the circle out of the screen to make a semicircle.

Level 7: Cut the fruit from large to small
– Remember that potato is not a fruit, so cut watermelon-pear-apple-banana in order to pass the level.

Level 8: Look at the clock below. What time is it in two hours?
– This is not a real clock, just a picture of it, so the time will be the same after 2 hours, So the answer is 7.

Level 9: What is your current body temperature?
– Hold tap on the bottom part of the thermometer to know the real temperature.

Level 10: How many points will you give this game?
– The “best”.

Level 11: Please click in the following order.
– You have to remember the order, and the order is ‘left-right-right-left-left-right’.

Level 12: Find out which one is different.
– Look at the directions of the spirals, only one has a different direction, so just click on it to pass the level.

Level 13: Count the holes in your clothes.
– There are only four holes, the middle ones are only designs.

Level 14: Which color is the missing of rainbow colors?
– The only color missing is green so use blue and yellow to make the green color.

Level 15: Turn on the lamp
– Use two fingers and tap on both green naked wires to make the connection.

Level 16: Clean the mirror
– Rub the mirror with your finger to make it clean, don’t use anything given.

Level 17: Rescue Bird
– Rotate your phone upside down and a key will come out of the glass, now use it to open the lock.

Level 18: Whack a mole
– Merge all the holes into one hole and use your finger to wrack it.

Level 19: How to put elephants in the refrigerator?
– Zoom out the elephant and open the fridge then put it in.

Level 20: Help with ticket checking of the cinema
– Use two fingers to split the ticket into two parts.

Level 21: Please, Wake him up.
– Hold tap on his nose for 5 seconds to wake him up.

Level 22: Find out a yellow dog!
– Swipe your screen right to left to find the yellow dog.

Level 23: What is your answer?
– If 1=7, then 7=1.

Level 24: How do you get the same amount of wine in your glass?
– Rotate your device upside down to make the same amount of wine in all glasses.

Level 25: What is the maximum number that can be combined?
– Put two zeros to make an infinity.

Level 26: Can you hide the apple?
– Drag the apple out of the screen to hide it.

Level 27: The monkey wants to eat a banana, can you help it?
– Just drag the bananas to the monkey.

Level 28: Mom and girlfriend fell into the water at the same time, which one would you save first?
– Tap on both of them at the same

Level 29: Open tablet, Please!
– Hold tap on the fingerprint scanner of the tablet to open it.

Level 30: Click this Mosquito 10 times, then click the pass button to pass this level.
– Just tap on 10 times doesn’t look at the number showing below and press pass to pass the level.