How To Show/Hide Belt PUBG Battlegrounds

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In the dynamic world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), personalizing your character’s appearance is a fun aspect that enhances the gaming experience. Among various customization features, PUBG allows players to show or hide their character’s belt. This option can be particularly appealing for those looking to tailor their character’s look to their personal style. Here’s a detailed guide on how to toggle the belt visibility in PUBG Battlegrounds.

  1. Open PUBG Battlegrounds Main Screen: Start by launching PUBG Battlegrounds on your gaming device. Wait for the main screen to appear.
  2. Access the System Menu: Look for the settings icon located in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking this icon will bring up the system menu.
  3. Enter Settings: Within the system menu, locate and select the “Settings” option to proceed.
  4. Navigate to Gameplay Options: In the settings menu, find the section labeled “Gameplay” and click on it to access gameplay-specific settings.
  5. Select Function Settings: Within the gameplay settings, look for and select the “Function” option.
  6. Adjust Hide Belt Option: In the function settings, scroll to find the “Hide Belt” option. Here, you can choose whether to show or hide your character’s belt.
  7. Apply Changes: After setting your preference, click on the “Apply” button to save your new settings.

Customizing your character in PUBG Battlegrounds is an enjoyable way to express your individuality in the game. With the ability to easily show or hide your character’s belt, you can modify your avatar’s appearance to better suit your style or tactical preferences. Remember, these settings can be altered at any time, allowing for versatility and creativity in your character’s presentation. Enjoy your gaming sessions with your uniquely customized character!