How To Show/Hide Author Blog Archive Astra Theme

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In the realm of blogging, the visibility of the author’s name can play a significant role in establishing credibility and connection with the audience. For users of the Astra theme on WordPress, the option to show or hide the author in blog archives offers flexibility in how you present your posts. Displaying the author’s name can personalize and lend authority to your content, while hiding it may suit blogs with multiple contributors or a more anonymous style. Here’s how to adjust the author visibility in your blog archives using the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Backend: Start by logging into your WordPress site to reach the dashboard. This is your control center for managing all aspects of your website.
  2. Navigate to Astra Settings: In the left-hand menu of the dashboard, locate and click on ‘Astra’. This section provides access to the settings and customizations of the Astra theme.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: After selecting ‘Astra’, proceed to ‘Go to Customizer’. The WordPress Customizer is a live editing tool that allows you to preview changes as you make them.
  4. Access Blog Settings: In the Customizer, find and click on the ‘Blog’ section. This part of the settings is dedicated to customizing your blog pages.
  5. Go to Blog/Archive Settings: Within the Blog settings, select the ‘Blog / Archive’ subsection. This area focuses on the layout and appearance of your blog archive pages.
  6. Toggle Author Visibility: Look for the ‘Author’ option in the Blog / Archive settings. Here, you can choose to show or hide the author’s name on each post in the blog archive. Set this according to your preference and the style of your blog.
  7. Publish Your Changes: Once you’ve set your preference for author visibility, click on ‘Publish’ to apply these changes. This will update the author display settings on your blog archive pages.

You’ve now successfully adjusted the visibility of the author in your blog archive using the Astra theme in WordPress. This customization allows you to tailor the presentation of your posts to better reflect the personality and branding of your blog. Whether you choose to highlight the authors or opt for a more uniform, author-less display, ensure it complements the overall style and objectives of your site.