How To Recount Product Terms WooCommerce

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To recount product terms in WooCommerce, start by opening your WordPress backend. Once logged in, navigate to the WooCommerce tab and click on Status. This will provide you with an overview of your store’s current performance.
Next, look for the Tools option within the WooCommerce settings and click on it. This section enables you to perform various maintenance tasks on your store. Among these options, you will find the Term counts feature.

Clicking on the Recount terms button triggers a recount of all product terms in your WooCommerce database. This process involves updating the number of times each term is used across products and categories. Recounting terms helps ensure accurate data representation and can be particularly useful when managing inventory or organizing site content.

Recount Product Terms Quick Step List

  1. Open your WordPress backend.
  2. Click on WooCommerce and status.
  3. Then click on tools.
  4. From here locate the Term counts option and click on the recount terms button.