How to get Iron in Valheim?

You will unlock Iron armor after you have crafted some iron for the first time. Iron armor is the fifth-tier armor in Valheim. To craft iron you need scrap Iron and coal in the smelter, Then you can forge the armor set in the forge. There is a debuff with the iron armor set because it is heavy, iron scale mail and iron greaves give each -5% moment speed and a full bronze armor set will give you -10% moment speed.

How do you unlock Iron in Valheim?
You have to kill the second boos – The Elder to get iron in Valheim. When you have killed the boss it will drop a swamp key, that will unlock crypts in the swamp biome. In the crypts there will be scrap iron that you have to mine out. You will need a good pickaxe – Antler pickaxe or better.


Iron helmet – Iron scale mail – Iron greaves
If you craft a full Iron set, it will have the same durability, armor, and crafting cost

Crafting Cost:20 Iron
2 Deer hide
5 Iron10 Iron15 Iron
Forge lvl2345

One important thing to know is that you can not teleport Iron to other places.