How To Enable/Disable Water Reflections In Ark Survival Ascended

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Toggle Console

Before you can enter the command, you have to find out what button the Toggle console are on.

  • Press ESC – Settings – Keyboard and then find Toggle Console in settings
  • Press the button you want to use (Remember not to use one that already have a function)
Toggle console ARK

You can use this command to have a better performance in Ark Survival Ascended, because it is a heavy game for your graphics.

How To Turn Off Water Reflections Command:

To remove the Water Reflections, then press ½ and use the command: r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection0

 r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection0 = Disabled
 r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection1 = Enabled (Same as rest of scene)
 r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection2 = Enabled (Force reflection captures and sky)
 r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection3 = Enabled (Force SSR)