How To Enable/Disable Toggle Ironsights Starfield

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Starfield, a game that merges exploration with action, offers various customization options to enhance your gameplay experience. One significant feature is the ‘Toggle Ironsights’ option, which affects how you aim with weapons in the game. This guide will assist you in enabling or disabling the Toggle Ironsights feature, allowing you to choose between a hold-to-aim or toggle-to-aim approach based on your personal preference and playstyle.

  1. Open Starfield Main Screen
    Launch your Starfield adventure by starting the game. Once it loads, the main screen will appear, providing access to various game settings.
  2. Click on Settings
    On the main screen, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option. This is usually represented by a gear icon or found in the main menu.
  3. Then Click on Accessibility
    In the settings menu, go to the ‘Accessibility’ section. This area includes settings that make the game more accessible and customizable to suit different player needs.
  4. Locate the Toggle Ironsights Option and Change It
    Find the ‘Toggle Ironsights’ option within the Accessibility settings. This feature allows you to customize how you aim with weapons in the game.
    Off: Select this to maintain the standard hold-to-aim mechanism. You’ll need to keep the aim button pressed to look through the ironsights or scope.
    On: Choose this to enable toggle-to-aim. With this option, a single button press will switch to aiming mode, and another press will release it, eliminating the need to hold the button continuously.

Customizing the Toggle Ironsights setting in Starfield allows you to adapt the game’s combat mechanics to your preferred style. Whether you find continuous button pressing cumbersome or prefer the quick, tactical advantage of toggling, this feature ensures that your aiming method aligns with your comfort and gameplay strategy. Set your preferences and enjoy a tailored combat experience in the expansive world of Starfield.