How To Enable/Disable Submenu Item Divider Header Builder Astra Theme

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Customizing the item divider in the submenu of your WordPress site’s Astra theme can significantly enhance the navigation experience for your users. The Astra theme’s intuitive Header Builder tool simplifies this customization process. This guide will walk you through each step to adjust the item divider settings in the submenu of your Astra-themed site.

  1. Open WordPress Backend: Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard. This is your main control center for managing your WordPress site.
  2. Access Astra Settings: On the dashboard, locate the left menu bar. Here, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Astra’. Click on this to access the Astra theme settings.
  3. Navigate to Customizer: Inside the Astra settings, there should be a link or a button labeled ‘Go to Customizer’. Click on this link. It will take you to the WordPress Customizer, where you can modify various theme settings.
  4. Enter Header Builder: In the WordPress Customizer, find and click on ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a feature of the Astra theme that allows you to customize your site’s header, including the navigation menus.
  5. Select Primary Menu: Within the Header Builder interface, click on ‘Primary Menu’. This is the section where you can configure settings for your main navigation menu, including submenus.
  6. Adjust Item Divider in Submenu: In the primary menu settings, locate the submenu section. Here, find the ‘Item Divider’ option. This setting allows you to modify the appearance of dividers between submenu items. Adjust this setting according to your preference.
  7. Publish Your Changes: Once you are satisfied with the adjustments made to the item divider, click on the ‘Publish’ button. This will save your changes and apply them to your live website.

By following these steps, you have successfully customized the item divider in the submenu of your Astra-themed WordPress site. These subtle yet impactful customizations can significantly enhance the user experience and the visual appeal of your website’s navigation. Remember to check how the changes appear on different devices and browsers to ensure a consistent and professional look across all platforms.