How To Enable/Disable Small Foliage Enshrouded

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Embark on a journey to tailor your Enshrouded gaming experience with this easy-to-follow guide on managing the Small Foliage setting. In the realm of Enshrouded, every detail counts, and adjusting the Small Foliage feature can significantly enhance your game’s visual appeal and performance. Whether you’re looking to maximize performance on a modest system or to indulge in the lush, detailed environments on a high-end setup, this guide will show you how to customize this setting effectively.

  1. Launch the Enshrouded Main Screen: Start your journey by opening the Enshrouded game. Once you’re on the main screen, you’re ready to navigate through the settings to customize your experience.
  2. Enter the Settings Menu: On the main screen, look for the ‘Settings’ option, typically represented by a cogwheel icon. Click on this to access the various configurations and preferences of the game.
  3. Go to Display Settings: Within the settings menu, locate and select the ‘Display’ category. This section is dedicated to the graphical and visual settings of the game, allowing you to fine-tune how Enshrouded looks on your screen.
  4. Adjust the Small Foliage Setting: In the Display settings, find the ‘Small Foliage’ option. Here, you can choose from several settings, each affecting how foliage appears in the game. Your options include:
    • Off: This completely disables the small foliage, enhancing performance, especially on lower-end systems.
    • Performance: Optimizes foliage rendering for better game performance while maintaining a level of visual detail.
    • Balanced: Provides a middle ground between performance and quality, offering a visually pleasing experience without significantly impacting performance.
    • Quality: Choose this to enjoy the highest level of foliage detail. Ideal for powerful systems where you want to experience the full graphical prowess of the game.
    Select the option that aligns with your system’s specifications and your personal visual preference.

Modifying the Small Foliage setting in Enshrouded is a simple yet effective way to enhance your gaming experience. By following these easy steps, you can customize the game’s appearance to match your hardware capabilities and your desired aesthetic. Finding the right balance can not only boost your game’s performance but also immerse you deeper into the world of Enshrouded.