How To Enable/Disable Show Icons For Item Rarity Enshrouded

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In Enshrouded, managing your inventory efficiently is key to progressing smoothly through the game. One helpful feature is the display of icons indicating the rarity of items. This guide will help you enable or disable the option to show icons for item rarity, which can significantly enhance your inventory management experience. Whether you prefer a cleaner interface or need visual cues for quick item assessment, adjusting this setting can cater to your playstyle and needs.

  1. Open Enshrouded’s Main Screen: Launch Enshrouded and wait for the main screen to appear. This is where you will begin accessing various settings for the game.
  2. Access the Settings Menu: On the main screen, find and click on the ‘Settings’ option. This is typically symbolized by a gear or cog icon. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the main settings menu, where you can modify various aspects of your game.
  3. Navigate to Game Settings: Within the settings menu, select the ‘Game’ option. This section includes various settings that influence gameplay mechanics, including those related to inventory and item display.
  4. Toggle the Show Icons for Item Rarity Option: Look for the ‘Show Icons for Item Rarity’ option in the Game settings. You will have two simple options:
    • Off: Selecting this option will disable the icons that indicate item rarity. This can be useful for players who prefer a less cluttered inventory interface or rely on other methods to distinguish item rarity.On: Enabling this option will show distinct icons next to each item in your inventory, representing their rarity. This is helpful for quickly assessing the value and rarity of items at a glance, aiding in decision-making about item usage, storage, or disposal.
    Choose the option that best suits your gameplay style and inventory management preferences.

Enabling or disabling the Show Icons for Item Rarity feature in Enshrouded allows you to customize your inventory interface to match your personal preference. Whether you need quick visual cues for item assessment or prefer a more streamlined inventory look, this setting enables you to tailor your experience for maximum efficiency and enjoyment.