How To Enable/Disable New Product Editor WooCommerce

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To access the WordPress backend, log in to your website’s admin panel and navigate to the Dashboard. Once there, locate and click on the WooCommerce Settings option. This will open a new window displaying various configuration options for your WooCommerce plugin. To access more advanced features, click on the Advanced tab within the settings page.

Within the Advanced tab, you’ll find a section called Features. Clicking on this will expand additional options related to WooCommerce functionality. One of these options is the New Product Editor, which allows you to customize how product creation works in your online store.

By enabling or disabling the New Product Editor Option, you can choose whether to use a simplified or more advanced interface when creating products. This can be particularly useful depending on your familiarity with WooCommerce and your specific needs as an online business owner.

Once you have made any necessary changes or selections within these settings, remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the Save Changes button. Clicking this button will save all modifications and make them effective in your WooCommerce backend.

It’s essential to regularly review and adjust these settings based on your evolving requirements and preferences for managing product creation within your online store.

Enable New Product Editor Quick Guide Steps:

  1. Open the WordPress backend.
  2. Select WooCommerce Settings by clicking.
  3. the Advanced tab after that.
  4. The New Product Editor Option can then be found by clicking on Features, where you can enable or disable it.
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button after scrolling to the bottom.