How To Enable/Disable Break Target Lock On Kill Enshrouded

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The ‘Break Target Lock On Kill’ feature in Enshrouded is a subtle yet significant setting that can impact your combat flow and strategy. Whether you prefer to automatically shift focus after defeating an enemy or maintain your locked position to manually select your next target, this setting is crucial. This guide will provide a straightforward method to enable or disable the ‘Break Target Lock On Kill’ option in Enshrouded, allowing you to tailor the targeting mechanics to your preferred combat style.

  1. Open Enshrouded’s Main Screen: Begin by launching Enshrouded. Once you start the game, you’ll arrive at the main screen, which serves as the gateway to all the game’s settings.
  2. Access the Settings Menu: Locate the ‘Settings’ option on the main screen, typically symbolized by a gear or cog icon. Click on this to enter the main settings menu where you can adjust various gameplay aspects.
  3. Go to Game Settings: In the settings menu, select the ‘Game’ option. This section houses settings that influence your overall gameplay experience, including control and targeting preferences.
  4. Adjust the Break Target Lock On Kill Setting: Look for the ‘Break Target Lock On Kill’ option within the Game settings. Here, you can choose between two options:
    • Off: Disabling this feature means that your target lock will remain on the last position of the enemy you just defeated. This is useful if you prefer to manually switch targets or need a moment to assess the battlefield before moving on to the next enemy.On: Enabling this option will automatically break your target lock when you kill an enemy, freeing you to immediately lock onto another target. This can be beneficial for fast-paced combat where quick target transitions are necessary.
    Choose the option that best supports your combat approach and playstyle in Enshrouded.

Modifying the ‘Break Target Lock On Kill’ setting in Enshrouded allows you to control how you engage with multiple enemies, enhancing your combat effectiveness. Whether you prefer the manual control provided by keeping the lock or the quick transition of breaking it upon a kill, this setting lets you tailor your gameplay to fit your strategic needs. Experiment with both settings to find the one that aligns with your combat style and enhances your overall gaming experience.