How To Enable/Disable Allow Auto Equip Remnant 2

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The Allow Auto Equip feature in Remnant 2 can significantly streamline your gameplay, automatically equipping items that you pick up based on their utility and stats. Whether you prefer the convenience of automatic gear management or the control of manual equipment selection, adjusting this setting is straightforward. Here’s your guide on toggling the Allow Auto Equip feature:

  1. Start the Game: Launch Remnant 2 and wait for the main screen to appear, ensuring you have access to all the game’s functionalities.
  2. Access Settings: Click on the ‘Settings’ option, usually symbolized by a gear icon, to explore the various customizable settings within the game.
  3. Go to Gameplay Settings: Within the settings menu, find and select the ‘Gameplay’ tab. This section is dedicated to settings that affect your direct interaction with the game’s mechanics.
  4. Toggle Allow Auto Equip: Locate the ‘Allow Auto Equip’ option within the Gameplay settings. Click on it to switch between ‘On’ and ‘Off’. Setting it to ‘On’ enables the game to automatically equip newly acquired items if they are deemed better than your current gear. Conversely, setting it to ‘Off’ gives you full control over what you equip, allowing you to make deliberate choices about your gear and loadout.

Enabling or disabling the Allow Auto Equip feature in Remnant 2 lets you tailor your gaming experience to your personal preferences and play style. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your gear management aligns with how you want to engage with the world of Remnant 2. Gear up and get ready for an adventure set on your terms!