How To Craft Mega Glider In Palworld

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Mega Glider In Palworld: Soaring through the skies of Palworld is about to get a whole lot smoother with the Mega Glider! This upgraded glider offers increased speed, durability, and stamina efficiency compared to the basic model. Here’s your comprehensive guide to crafting and mastering this aerial marvel:

Gathering the Goods:

  • 50 Wood: Chop down trees or gather fallen branches. Explore different regions for various wood types with unique properties!
  • 10 Bone: Defeat creatures like Vixy, Rushoar, Cawgnito, Loupmoon, Bushi, Verdash, or Anubis. Alternatively, trade with other players or visit bone-rich areas.
  • 20 Cloth: Shear Wool from Lambballs or craft it from Wool at your Primitive Workbench (2 Wool = 1 Cloth). Remember, different Cloth types can affect performance!

Crafting Station:

  • You’ll need a High-Quality Workbench to build the Mega Glider. This requires 50 Wood, 10 Nails, and 15 Ingots. Craft these components beforehand!

Building Your Mega Glider:

  1. Head to your High-Quality Workbench and interact with it.
  2. Navigate the crafting menu and locate the “Mega Glider” recipe.
  3. Ensure you have the required resources (50 Wood, 10 Bone, 20 Cloth).
  4. Craft the Mega Glider!

Taking Flight:

  • Equip the Mega Glider in your inventory’s “Tool” slot.
  • Jump from a high point and press the designated key (usually Spacebar) to activate.
  • Enjoy the improved gliding experience!

Mega Glider Tips & Tricks:

  • Boosting: While gliding, press the jump key again for a short burst of speed. This consumes stamina, so use it strategically.
  • Stamina Management: Land occasionally to regain stamina. Consider using gliders with stamina-restoring effects for extended flights.
  • Advanced Maneuvers: Practice gliding through narrow gaps and around obstacles to hone your skills.
  • Exploration: Use the Mega Glider to reach hidden areas, scout enemy camps, or escape sticky situations.

Remember: The Mega Glider is a valuable tool, but practice and resource management are key to mastering its potential. With a little effort, you’ll be soaring through the skies of Palworld like a pro!

Bonus Tip: Consider befriending Pals with gliding abilities, like the Feathery or the Dracodon, for alternative aerial options!

Crafting Cost:

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