How To Craft Crossbow In Palworld

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The crossbow in Palworld is a powerful ranged weapon that can be crafted relatively early in the game. It is a great option for taking down enemies from a distance.

Gather Resources

The crossbow is a powerful weapon that requires a few specific resources to craft. Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • 50 Wood: Wood is a common resource found throughout the Palworld world. You can chop down trees with an axe to collect wood.
  • 40 Stone: Stone is another common resource found in the world. You can mine rocks with a pickaxe to collect stone.
  • 10 Ingot: Ingots are a more refined form of metal that can be made by smelting ore in a furnace. You can obtain ore by mining rocks or defeating enemies.
  • 5 Nails: Nails are metal fasteners that are used to hold the crossbow together. You can make nails by smelting iron in a furnace.

Craft the Crossbow

Once you have gathered all the necessary resources, you can craft the crossbow using a High Quality Workbench. High Quality Workbenches can be found in some villages or can be crafted using the following recipe:

  • 10 Wood, 5 Stone and 5 Ingot

Once you have a High Quality Workbench, place it in your base and interact with it to open the crafting menu. Select the “Crossbow” recipe and then drag and drop the required resources into the crafting slots. Once all the resources are in place, click the “Craft” button to create the crossbow.

Additional Tips for Using the Crossbow

The crossbow is a powerful weapon that can be used to defeat a variety of enemies. Here are some additional tips for using the crossbow effectively:

  • Draw the bowstring slowly: Drawing the bowstring quickly will make it difficult to aim accurately. Slowly draw the bowstring back until it is fully drawn.
  • Aim carefully: Take your time to aim at your target. The longer you hold the bowstring drawn back, the more accurate your shot will be.
  • Release the bowstring smoothly: Release the bowstring smoothly to ensure a clean shot. Avoid jerking or snapping the bowstring.
  • Use different types of arrows: There are different types of arrows available in Palworld, each with its own unique properties. Experiment with different types of arrows to find the ones that work best for you.
  • Upgrade your crossbow: As you progress in the game, you will be able to upgrade your crossbow to make it even more powerful. Upgrading your crossbow will increase its damage, range, and accuracy.

Crafting cost:

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