How To Craft Cooler In Palworld

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The Cooler in Palworld is a craftable furniture item that cools nearby area. With the Cooler, your culinary creations can stay cool and tasty for extended periods.

Crafting Your Cooler:

  1. Level Up: You’ll need to reach Level 13 to unlock the Cooler crafting recipe. Remember, higher levels grant access to more advanced tools and items!
  2. Gather Resources: Craft your Cooler using the following materials:
    • 5 Ice Organs: Obtained by defeating or taming creatures like Pengullet and Frozard.
    • 20 Stone: A readily available resource, often found scattered around the world or mined from stone deposits.
    • 20 Ingot: Craft Ingots by smelting Ore in a Furnace. You can mine various ores like Iron Ore and Copper Ore.
  3. Open the Crafting Menu: Press “B” to open your Build Menu and navigate to the “Furniture” tab. Find the Cooler recipe and click “Craft.”

Placing and Using Your Cooler:

  1. Choose a Spot: Pick a safe and convenient location for your Cooler. Remember, it’s furniture, so place it like any other decorative item.
  2. Assign a Cooling Pal: The Cooler needs a Pal with the “Cooling” ability to maintain its chilling effect. Look for Pals like Pengullet, Frozard, or even some aquatic Pals. Simply pick up the Pal and throw it towards the Cooler to assign them.
  3. Keeping you cold: Use the Cooler to cools the nearby area and protects against the heat.

Additional Tips:

  • Upgrade Your Cooler: Later in the game, you can unlock blueprints for improved Coolers with larger capacities and even better cooling efficiency.
  • Multiple Pals?: You can assign multiple Pals with the Cooling ability to a single Cooler for an even stronger chilling effect.
  • Security Measures: Consider placing a Security Lock on your Cooler to prevent others from accessing your precious perishables.

Crafting Cost:

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