How To Craft Antique Bath Set In Palworld

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The Antique Bath Set in Palworld is a decorative furniture item. It consists of a bathtub, possibly made of polished stone, with an ornately carved frame. The set might also include other bathroom essentials like a washbasin and a mirror, all designed in the antique style. While it doesn’t provide any functional bathing benefits, it enhances the aesthetic of your bathroom, creating a more immersive and personalized living space.


  • 1 Cloth
  • 20 Stone
  • 1 Ingot


  1. Gather the resources: Make sure you have the required Cloth, Stone, and Ingot in your inventory. You can obtain these materials through various means, like gathering, mining, monster drops, or trading with other players.
  2. Open the Crafting Menu: Press the designated button (usually “B” by default) to access the crafting menu.
  3. Navigate to Furniture: Look for the “Furniture” tab or section within the crafting menu.
  4. Select Antique Bath Set: Find the “Antique Bath Set” blueprint or recipe. It might be categorized under “Decorative” or “Bathroom” furniture.
  5. Craft the Set: If you have the necessary materials, the option to craft the Antique Bath Set should be available. Press the craft button to initiate the process.


  • Antique Bathtub: 1 Cloth, 20 Stone and 1 Ingot
  • Antique Braided Basket: 10 Fiber
  • Antique Partition: 20 Wood
  • Antique Towel Rack: 1 Ingot and 2 Cloth

Additional Tips:

  • Material Acquisition: If you’re struggling to find specific materials, explore different areas of the map, target monsters that drop those materials, or check trading posts for player offers.
  • Placement: Once crafted, place the Antique Bath Set in your desired bathroom location. It might snap onto specific tiles or require free space depending on its size.
  • Customization: Consider adding other decorative items like rugs, towels, or plants to further enhance the antique bathroom theme.
  • Alternatives: Palworld might offer other antique-themed furniture sets for a more comprehensive vintage bathroom design. Explore the crafting menu for options.

Crafting Cost:

Antique Bath Set Palworld