How To Change Site Title Header Builder Astra Theme

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The site title is a fundamental element of your website, reflecting its identity and purpose. With the Astra theme for WordPress, updating your site title is a straightforward task using the Header Builder. This customization allows you to align the site title with your brand and make it resonate with your audience. This guide will walk you through the steps to change your site title, ensuring it accurately represents your website.

  1. Accessing WordPress Backend: Begin by logging into the backend of your WordPress site. This is where you control your site’s settings and manage content.
  2. Navigating to Astra Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, locate ‘Astra’ in the left-hand menu bar and click on it. This section is dedicated to the settings for the Astra theme.
  3. Entering Theme Customizer: Click on ‘Astra’, then choose ‘Customizer’ or ‘Go to Customizer’. The Theme Customizer provides a range of options for adjusting your theme’s design.
  4. Opening Header Builder: In the Customizer, click on ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a powerful tool for customizing the layout and design of your site’s header.
  5. Selecting Site Title & Logo: Within the Header Builder, go to ‘Site Title & Logo’. This section allows you to manage settings related to your site’s title and logo.
  6. Changing the Site Title: Look for the ‘Site Title’ option. Here, you can change or update the text of your site title. Enter the new title that you wish to display in your site’s header.
  7. Publishing Your Changes: After updating the site title, click ‘Publish’ to save your changes and apply the new title to your website’s header.

You’ve now successfully updated the site title on your Astra-themed WordPress site using the Header Builder. This change can refresh your site’s look and feel, ensuring that your website’s header accurately reflects your brand and purpose. It’s essential to use a title that is both descriptive and memorable, capturing the essence of your website.