How To Change Round Duration VS Tekken 8

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Ready to tweak the tempo of your Tekken 8 matches? Adjusting the round duration in Versus mode is key to crafting the perfect gaming experience. Whether you prefer quick, intense battles or longer, strategic fights, this guide will show you how to modify the round time settings. Let’s dive into the steps to set your ideal round length in Tekken 8!

  1. Start Tekken 8: Open the Tekken 8 game on your device. Wait for the main menu to load fully.
  2. Navigate to Options: From the main menu, select the “Options” button. This will take you to the main settings area of the game.
  3. Enter Game Option Settings: Within the Options menu, find and click on “Game Option Settings.” This area lets you adjust various gameplay-related settings.
  4. Find the Round Duration Setting: In the Game Option Settings, look for the “Round Duration VS” option. This setting controls how long each round lasts in Versus mode.
  5. Set Your Preferred Time: You can choose from a range of time settings for each round, from 30 to 99 seconds. There’s also an option for ‘infinity,’ allowing rounds to continue without a time limit. Select the duration that aligns with your gameplay preference.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully customized the round duration in Tekken 8’s Versus mode. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced action or extended strategic battles, these settings put you in control of how your matches unfold. Experiment with different durations to see what enhances your gaming experience the most. Happy battling!