How To Change Round Duration Ghost Battle Tekken 8

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Step up your game in Tekken 8 by mastering the control of round duration in Ghost Battle mode! Tailoring the length of each round can significantly impact your strategy and enjoyment of the game. Whether you’re looking for quick, intense matches or prefer longer, more strategic battles, this guide will help you modify the round duration to fit your style. Let’s jump into the steps to customize your Ghost Battle experience in Tekken 8!

  1. Open Tekken 8: Begin by launching Tekken 8 on your preferred gaming device. Wait for the main menu to appear.
  2. Select Options: From the main menu, navigate to and click on the “Options” button. This will take you to the game’s settings menu.
  3. Access Game Option Settings: In the Options menu, find and select “Game Option Settings.” This area contains customizable settings that influence various aspects of gameplay.
  4. Find Round Duration Setting for Ghost Battle: Look for the “Round Duration Ghost Battle” option. This setting allows you to change the duration of each round in Ghost Battle mode.
  5. Choose Your Preferred Time Limit: You can set the round duration to be anywhere from 30 to 99 seconds. There’s also an option for ‘Infinity,’ which removes the time limit entirely for rounds. Select a time limit that aligns with how you want to experience your matches.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully adjusted the round duration for Ghost Battle mode in Tekken 8! Now, you can enjoy battles that match your pace and gameplay style. Whether it’s short, swift rounds or endless bouts, the choice is now yours. Dive into Ghost Battle and test out your new settings for a more personalized fighting experience. Enjoy the game!