How To Change FPP Camera FOV PUBG Battlegrounds

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Adjusting the First-Person Perspective (FPP) Camera Field of View (FOV) in PUBG Battlegrounds can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. A wider FOV allows you to see more of the game world, which can be beneficial in combat situations, while a narrower FOV can make distant objects more visible. This guide will help you change the FPP Camera FOV setting to suit your playing style.

  1. Start PUBG Battlegrounds: Open the game and wait for the main screen to load. This screen is the primary interface you see after the initial loading process.
  2. Access System Menu: Look for the settings icon on the main screen, typically located in the top right corner. This icon is usually represented by a gear or cog.
  3. Go to Settings: Click on the settings icon to open a menu with a variety of game settings. Here, click on “Settings” to access the comprehensive settings menu.
  4. Select Graphics Settings: Within the settings menu, find and click on the “Graphics” option. This section is dedicated to settings that impact the visual elements of the game.
  5. Navigate to Advanced Options: In the graphics settings, click on the “Advanced” tab. This tab provides more detailed graphical settings, including the FPP Camera FOV.
  6. Adjust FPP Camera FOV: Scroll to the “FPP Camera FOV” setting within the advanced options. Here, you can adjust the field of view for the first-person perspective. Choose a value that provides the best balance between visibility and comfort for your gameplay.
  7. Apply the Changes: After setting your desired FPP Camera FOV, don’t forget to click on the “Apply” button to save your settings and apply them to the game.

You have now successfully adjusted the FPP Camera FOV in PUBG Battlegrounds. This setting can significantly affect how you perceive and interact with the game environment, so it’s worth experimenting with different FOV levels to find what works best for you.