How To Change EXP Rate Palworld

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In Palworld, the experience points (EXP) rate is a pivotal setting that determines how quickly your character and companions level up. Adjusting the EXP rate can drastically change your gameplay experience, either accelerating your progress for a faster-paced game or slowing it down for a more gradual and challenging journey. This guide will assist you in customizing the EXP rate in your Palworld game world to match your preferred gameplay style.

  1. Open Palworld Main Screen: Launch Palworld and wait until the main screen appears. This is your starting point for adjusting game settings.
  2. Click on Start Game: On the main screen, find and click the ‘Start Game’ button. This will lead you to a list of your available game worlds.
  3. Select Your World: Choose the world where you want to adjust the EXP rate. If you have multiple worlds, make sure you select the right one for modification.
  4. Click Change World Settings: After selecting your world, click on the ‘Change World Settings’ option. This lets you access various settings specific to that world.
  5. Click Custom Settings: In the world settings menu, go to ‘Custom Settings’. This section offers more advanced customization options, including the EXP rate.
  6. Locate the EXP Rate Option: Within the Custom Settings, find the ‘EXP Rate’ option. You can set the EXP rate to any value between 0.1 and 20, where:
    • Lower values (closer to 0.1): Slow down the rate at which you gain experience, making the game more challenging and lengthening the time needed to level up.
    • Higher values (up to 20): Increase the EXP rate, allowing for faster leveling and progression through the game.
  7. Adjust the EXP Rate: Select a value that aligns with how quickly or slowly you want to progress in the game. This customization allows you to tailor the leveling experience to your liking.
  8. Click OK: After setting your preferred EXP rate, be sure to click ‘OK’ to save and apply your changes.

Modifying the EXP rate in Palworld gives you control over your progression speed, allowing you to create a gaming experience that’s as rapid or as measured as you prefer. Whether you’re looking for a quick path to high levels or a more drawn-out and challenging adventure, adjusting this setting can significantly enhance your gameplay.