How To Change Copyright Text Footer Astra Theme

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The footer of a website often contains important information, including copyright text, which signifies the ownership of the website content. Customizing this text to reflect your brand or site identity is essential for maintaining professionalism and credibility. For WordPress sites using the Astra theme, updating the copyright text is a straightforward process. It allows you to personalize this section according to your needs and preferences. Here’s a detailed guide on how to change the copyright text in your site’s footer using the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Backend: Begin by logging into your WordPress site. This action takes you to the dashboard, the central control area for managing your website.
  2. Navigate to Astra Settings: In the dashboard’s left-hand menu, find and click on ‘Astra’. This section is where you can access the customization settings of the Astra theme.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: Once you’ve selected ‘Astra’, go to ‘Go to Customizer’. The WordPress Customizer is a live editing tool that allows you to make changes to your theme and see them in real time.
  4. Access Footer Builder: In the Customizer, find and click on the ‘Footer Builder’ section. This section is dedicated to customizing the footer of your site.
  5. Edit Copyright Text: Click on the copyright area in the Footer Builder. This will open an editor where you can change the text. Enter your desired copyright information or any other text that you wish to display in the footer.
  6. Publish Changes: After entering and adjusting your copyright text, click ‘Publish’ to apply these changes. This will update the footer’s copyright text on your website.

You have now successfully updated the copyright text in the footer of your site using the Astra theme for WordPress. This change not only ensures that your website reflects the correct ownership information but also allows you to add a personal or professional touch to the overall design. Remember, the footer is an integral part of your site’s layout, and customizing it to suit your needs can enhance the user experience and the credibility of your site.