How To Build Primitive Workbench In Palworld

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Building a Primitive Workbench is an essential step in your crafting journey in Palworld. This basic crafting station allows you to create essential tools and supplies, including torches, ropes, and tents, which are crucial for survival and exploration. Here’s a detailed guide on how to construct a Primitive Workbench in Palworld:


  1. Unlocked Build Menu: You need to have access to the Build Menu, which is typically unlocked during the early introductory missions.
  2. Gathered Resources: To build a Primitive Workbench, you’ll need to collect the following materials:
    • Wood: Wood is a readily available resource found throughout the world. You can harvest wood by felling trees with your Pals or by using a hatchet.
    • Fiber: Fiber is another common resource found in fields and forests. You can gather fiber using a sickle or by having your Pals harvest it.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access Build Menu: Press the “B” button to bring up the Build Menu.
  2. Select Primitive Workbench: Navigate through the list of available structures until you find the “Primitive Workbench.”
  3. Choose Build Location: Select a suitable spot where you want to place your Workbench. It’s recommended to place it near your base camp for easy access.
  4. Confirm Placement: Once you’ve chosen the location, press the “A” button to confirm.
  5. Crafting Requirements: The game will display the required materials for constructing the Workbench. Check your inventory to ensure you have enough wood and fiber.
  6. Initiate Crafting: If you have the necessary materials, press the “A” button to start crafting the Workbench. The construction process will begin.
  7. Complete Crafting: Wait for the crafting animation to finish, and your Primitive Workbench will be successfully built.
  8. Interact with Workbench: Approach the newly constructed Workbench and interact with it to open the crafting menu.

Crafting Cost:

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