Fatimah Lawang Vendor In Hogwarts Legacy

Fatimah Lawang is the seller in Hamlet shop in Keenbridge she is selling ingredients and combat tools.

Ashwinders Eggs150CHot to the touch, one clutch Of these is an
ingredient for Edurus Potion. Ashwinders rise
from the dying embers of magical fires and
then slither off to dark corners to lay their
eggs. Though usually found in dwellings,
some seem to have risen from abandoned
campfires and left clutches Of eggs in nearby
rocky areas.
Lacewing Flies100CDelicate wings used in the Focus Potion.
They’re commonly found in open fields.
Leaping Toadstool Caps150CMushrooms that leap serendipitously and are
used in the Invisibility Potion. They are
commonly found in forested area.
Leech juice150CLeech juice is used in both the Maxima Potion
and Thunderbrew. This can be found near
Moonstone20CAn ingredient commonly used for conjuration
magic. It is found in every region and
acquired by breaking crystallised stone.
Wiggenweld Potion100CAids in healing and restores a bit of the
drinker’s health
Fatimah Lawang i located in Hamlet shop in Keenbridge.

Where is Fatimah Lawang?

Fatimah Lawang i located in Hamlet shop in Keenbridge.

Fatimah Lawang Vendor Location Hogwarts Legacy