Eraser DOP 2 Puzzle & Riddle level 21-40

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Eraser DOP 2, where mind-bending puzzles and riddles await your keen intellect! Our blog is your go-to resource for conquering every level of this thrilling mobile game on both Android and iOS platforms.

From deciphering intricate puzzles to unraveling challenging riddles, we’ve got you covered with expert tips and strategies. Join us on this gaming adventure as we guide you through each level, providing insights, solutions, and insider tricks to enhance your gaming experience. Elevate your puzzle-solving skills, and let the excitement unfold with Eraser DOP 2! Eraser DOP 2 Puzzle & Riddle level 21-40

Level 21: Make him angry
Level 22: Complete the birdhouse
Level 23: Who’s there?
Level 24: Make her hand beautiful
Level 25: What a beauty!
Ekstra level 1: Turn on the screen
Ekstra level 2: Revive the patient
Ekstra level 3: Find a surprise
Level 26: What’s wrong with the bear?
Level 27: What a hottie?
Level 28: Get ready for a photo shoot
Level 29: Get rid a boredom
Level 30: Make him beautiful
Level 31: Make him rich
Level 32: Introduce them
Level 33: It’s urgent
Level 34: What is the shadow hiding?
Level 35: Help the bees
Level 36: What is the shadow hiding?
Level 37: Brew the tea
Level 38: Erase the excess
Level 39: Take your house shoes off
Level 40: Ruin the sauce