DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 201-250

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Game Level 201-250

Level 201: Erase the evil bear
– Delete the bottom in the middle

Level 202: Save the princess
– Delete the hair in the middle

Level 203: Discover the secret
– Delete the box

Level 204: Save the granny
– Delete the black cape

Level 205: Erase the excess
– Delete the notebook

Level 206: Erase the differences
– Delete the nut and the beard

Level 207: Cut the fringes
– Delete the hair in front

Level 208: Help the tower
– Delete the dumbbell

Level 209: Find the wolf
– Delete the t-shirt

Level 210: Help the bus to drive through
– Delete the top of the bus

Level 211: Find the musical note
– Delete the shoe and the power outlet

Level 212: Erase the excess
– Delete the on with London on

Level 213: Help Santa Claus
– Delete the big stomach

Level 214: Find a ghost
– Delete the ghost to the right

Level 215: Who stole the laptop?
– Delete the blanket on the table

Level 216: Find a pair
– Delete some of the moon to make it a banana

Level 217: Divide into four parts
– Delete the gift ribbon

Level 218: Turn on the tape
– Delete the black string

Level 219: What’s not right here?
– Delete the feather on his helmet

Level 220: Erase the obstacle
– Delete the big rock

Level 221: Find the pineapple
– Delete the pizza

Level 222: Find the boy
– Delete the kayak

Level 223: Prepare for the photo
– Delete all the clothes

Level 224: Don’t step on!
– Delete the poop

Level 225: What’s not right here?
– Delete the window behind them

Level 226: Too hot!
– Delete the leg on the clothes to make it shorter

Level 227: Uncover the secret
– Delete the clothes on him

Level 228: Find the car
– Delete the left mountain

Level 229: Save the mouse
– Delete the big bone

Level 230: Catch the fish
– Delete the water to see the fish

Level 231: Who is cheating?
– Delete the yellow t-shirt

Level 232: Help get the apple
– Delete the other side of the weight

Level 233: Make them the same
– Delete the pink color

Level 234: Find a pair
– Delete the jar to find the pair

Level 235: Solve the exercise
– Delete the pants on the monkey

Level 236: Eat the steak
– Delete the handle on the frying pan

Level 237: Shave me!
– Delete all the hair

Level 238: Find the penguin
– Delete the face on the snowman

Level 239: Find the cat
– Delete the radio

Level 240: Find the bet number
– Delete the bottom circle piece

Level 241: Assemble the punching bag
– Delete the bottom of the candle and the top of the punching bag

Level 242: Assemble the puzzle
– Delete the girls head on the top right piece

Level 243: Find the letter E
– Delete the right side of the letter B

Level 244: Erase the excess
– Delete the red square

Level 245: What is the bride hiding?
– Delete the blanket in front of her

Level 246: Save the onion
– Delete the left side of the onion

Level 247: Get the nut
– Delete the ice from the nut

Level 248: Find the car
– Delete the hair

Level 249: How many animals are there?
– Delete the number 6

Level 250: Light the lightbulb
– Delete the flip in the middle