Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 21-40 Answers

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Level 21 – Help the man escape the room.
– Open each door, then take the bucket and take water to the fire, take the fire door

Level 22 – Logic or sentiment?
– Place both wires on each other to take both

Level 23 – Who is pregnant?
– Tap on each stomach – Answer is C

Level 24 – Who is lying?
– Take the scanner and place it on her stomach – Answer: A

Level 25 – Which one of them is the vampire?
– Move all the parasol

Level 26 – Who stole the piece?
– Rewind the clock

Level 27 – Whose boyfriend is rich?
– Click on the ring, necklace, and car keys – Answer car keys

Level 28 – Which gate should he choose to survive?
– Move right and find the way

Level 29 – Green car must win the race!
– Hold on to the purple and red car

Level 30 – Help her survive!
– Drag the snakes to the tiger

Level 31 – Who is lying?
– Click on her bag – Answer: A

Level 32 – Help them get rid of the bees!
– Give the man the flowers

Level 33 – Who is lying?
– Click on the card on the flowers, Answer: the woman

Level 34 – Save the ship from the giant wave.
– Raise anchor and turn the ship

Level 35 – He’s bored at the house, but can’t go out.
– Place the picture on the window

Level 36 – Which one is not a nurse?
– Tap on each identity card in their pocket

Level 37 – Find the cheater!!
– Remove the curtain, take the hammer and destroy the wardrobe

Level 38 – Which zombie is his ex?
– Tap on the matching tattoos, answer: B

Level 39 – Who is the vampire?
– C – because she is not in the mirror

Level 40 – Who’s a man?
– Remove the wig

Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 21-40 Answers