Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 1-20 Answers

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Level 1 – Which gate should he choose to survive?
– The one with ice

Level 2 – Find the cheater.
– Behind the curtain

Level 3 – Who pranked the teacher?
– You can see the glue in the number A pocket

Level 4 – Let’s scare them a bit!
– Click on the TV

Level 5 – Why aren’t we moving?
– Slice to the right

Level 6 – Which one is not ice cream?
– Move the sun a little down and then to the left

Level 7 – Who is being lazy?
-Pull the wooden piece up, the answer is B

Level 8 – Who is rich?
– Pull the table away, then there is a phone, the answer is C

Level 9 – Who is his girlfriend?
– Drag the girl over to him

Level 10 – Which one is the bad teacher?
– Click on the paper on each table

Level 11 – Who is the vampire?
– Turn the light off, click on the lamp

Level 12 – Which one will escape prison?
– Move the toilet, the answer is A

Level 13 – It’s time to lose weight!
– Move the man around

Level 14 – Help the bodybuilder!
– Take the weight off the barbell

Level 15 – Whose turn is it to get married?
– Throw the bouquet – Answer is C

Level 16 – Who is cheating on the exam?
– Click on the window to open it

Level 17 – Who is lying?
– Slide to the right to see the kids – Answer is A

Level 18 – Help them find the ring!
– Give the dog food, then it will poop the ring out

Level 19 – Who is her husband?
– Take the hand behind the wall

Level 20 – Who is in danger?
– Drag the mirror around to find the knife behind one of the men

Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 1-20 Answers