Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Level 161-170 Answers

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  • Level 161 – How many triangles are there?
    • Drag in the green square, the count the triangles. The answer is 5.
  • Level 162 – Feed out car from left to right.
    • Drag the cat to the right, then it will appear on the other side of the screen. Then drag the cat though the food.
  • Level 163 – They need justice!
    • Drag the top of the two smallest ice cream down into the ice cream until they are all even in size.
  • Level 164 – We need a green ball.
    • Hold your finger on the blue of yellow circle.
  • Level 165 – Break the window with the stone.
    • Drag the word stone on top of the word window.
  • Level 166 – Neighbors are having a craze party in the middle of the night. Stop it.
    • Click on the phone, then click 911.
  • Level 167 – How can it be true?!
    • The are more 1 numbers hidden below the 1 to the left, drag them out and use em to write 111>100.
  • Level 168 – Blue has to win!
    • Drag the finish line down, so only blue can cross it.
  • Level 169 – Save them all!
    • Drag the persons so they hold hand, the click on the guy with the parachute.
  • Level 170 – Fix the clock please.
    • Drag the minute counter to 12.
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Level 161-170 Answers