Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Level 148-160 Answers

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  • Level 148 – Help the car cross the river.
    • Drag the cloud out from behind the tree, then drag in front of the sun. Then click on the car.
  • Level 149 – Match the objects with correct countries.
    • Connect FRANCE to all 4 objects (drag a line from the dot next to FRANCE to all of the objects.
  • Level 150 – How to build a tower?
    • Drag the one in the middle on top of the left one, then drag the right one on top. This level seems to could be solved in many different ways.
  • Level 151 – Oh man! She is crying again! Help please…
    • Drag the car wheel onto the mans eyes.
  • Level 152 – Equation mouse and cat.
    • Answer is 17.
  • Level 153 – Help this bodybuilder please.
    • Drag hes weights off the level.
  • Level 154 – This student can’t think of an answer to the test question.
    • Turn your phone upside down.
  • Level 155 – Timmy needs to eat healthy.
    • Drag up the burger with one finger, then feed him with the broccoli with another finger.
  • Level 156 – How to defeat the wizard?
    • Drag you cards around, leaf beats water, water beats fire, fire beats leaf. (Leaf, Water, Fire)
  • Level 157 – Aliens are infiltrating. Find them!
    • Click on the aliens in the picture.
  • Level 158 – What is the middle of America?
    • Answer is r.
  • Level 159 – Looks so sad. Cheer him up please.
    • Swipe up on his mouth in each side with your finger.
  • Level 160 – A vampire Help! Help!
    • Swipe away the curtain from the window.
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Level 148-160 Answers