Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Level 151-200

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Level 151: Pull down his shirt! Tap fast!
– Tap on the screen with many fingers.

Level 152: What’s brown and stinky?
– Answer: poop

Level 153: Bob is afraid of bananas. Help him.
– Put the tree or the duck in front of him

Level 154: Don’t hit the other cars!
– Slide around all of the other cars

Level 155: Which fruit contains low doses of a poison called cyanide?
– Answer: Apples.

Level 156: Perform plastic surgery!
– Wait until the hammer is over the head of the man, then tap

Level 157: Feed the duck!
– Stretch the duck’s neck upward until it can reach the apple in the tree

Level 158: How many potato guys are there?
– Answer: zero they are all tomatoes

Level 159: Write the correct answer:
– Answer is 2+3+1+2+3=11.

Level 160: Don’t let him get you sick!
– Cover his nose with two of your fingers

Level 161:Make this radio work!
– Put one finger on the frayed end of the radio wire, and the other finger on the broken end of the battery wire

Level 162: Can dogs look up?
– Yes, just turn your phone upside down.

Level 163: Memorize! – Which animal did NOT appear?
– Answer: Monkey

Level 164: He is late for work!
– Tap rapidly until the alarm clock rises to the top, then let go to drop it on his head and wake him up.

Level 165: Put everything in the box!
– just do as told also the level, you need to put literally everything in the box.

Level 166: She doesn’t like you!
– Swipe the woman up, then she will go away.

Level 167: Help the old man win!
– Tap and hold the young racers to hold them back

Level 168: Don’t catch them all! Just some of them..
– Grab the burger bun and catch only the things that belong on a burger

Level 169: It is too cold!
– Rub the sun with your finger

Level 170: Tendork.
– Just accept it!

Level 171: Protect your buns!
– Only catch the other side of the bun.

Level 172: Make him cooler!
– Line the sunglasses up with the center of the dog’s face and then tap the screen

Level 173: Panda or platypus! Which one has 6 toes?
– Answer: Panda

Level 174: Get her to like you.
– First give her the money, then give her the car, then when the house pops up

Level 175: Make a diamond!
– Tap on the screen

Level 176: Cool it down.
– Take the stick and put it on top of the other stick to make a fire. Then take the water drop and put it over the fire to make a cloud. Then take the cloud and make it cover the sun

Level 177: Give me a high 25!
– Tap the hands with five fingers at one time to high five all of them

Level 178: Solve this!
– Answer: 8-3=5

Level 179: Unlock the door!
– Tap on the screen.

Level 180: Solve!
– Flip your phone to see what is behind the apple, then move the guy out of the way with your finger to find the prize.

Level 181: Memorize! – Which animal did NOT appear?
– Answer: Dog

Level 182: Old people want to do this!
– Drag the tennis racket into the “off zone”

Level 183: Lineup! The theif is the tallest! Prove it!
– Stretch the head of the duck out again to prove its the tallest one.

Level 184: Matchstick puzzle!
– Answer: 8-4=4

Level 185: Start a fire!
– Shine the guy’s head by rubbing it over, then move the cloud, then the sun will glare off the man’s head, onto the wood and make a fire.

Level 186: Help Nam finish the code for this game!
– Type in anything that’s more than five characters long

Level 187: Do some jumping jacks! Swipe up and down.
– All you have to do is swipe up and down over and over, in one continuous motion without taking your finger off of the screen until you are done.

Level 188: What is this?
– Answer: Booger Bee.

Level 189: Bounce it!
– Start the bouncing and then don’t move the cat at all until the ball bounces each time.

Level 190: Pimp grandma’s grill, yo!
– Put the brick under the hammer, then hammer it to make it into a diamond. Then put the diamond on grandma’s teeth.

Level 191: What is this?
– Answer: Doctor Tomato

Level 192: Do some jumping jacks!
– Swipe up and down

Level 193: What is this?
– Answer: Gary the Groundhog.

Level 194: Bounce it!
– Don’t touch the screen

Level 195: Do some jumping jacks!
– Swipe up and down again.

Level 196: Bounce it!
– Don’t touch the screen at all again.

Level 197: What is this?
– Answer: Cupcake and Kitchen

Level 198: Protect mars!
– Tap the screen when the meteor is almost there

Level 199: What is this?
– Answer: Platypus

Level 200: Make a plain grilled cheese sandwich!
– Swipe the two boogers out of the way, then swipe the match head to light it. Move the cheese over the fire to melt it, then put the melted cheese on the bottom bun, then put the top bun on the sandwich