Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Level 1-50

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Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge Level 1-50

Level 1: Which one is the biggest?
– The watermelon

Level 2: Which came first the chicken or the egg?
– Click on the egg and then the dinosaur.

Level 3: Can you help him duck?
– Drag the head down

Level 4: Do you want to move to Mars?
– Answer is yes

Level 5: Help Bob get on top of a mountain!
– Drag the mountain right underneath bob

Level 6: Catch them all!
– move the bottom and catch them all

Level 7: Touch ANYWHERE to continue.
– tap on the word anything

Level 8: It’s not winter yet! Wake him up!
– tap on the beaver

Level 9: Find the lightest color on the screen.
– click on the background

Level 10: How can paper beat scissors?
– drag the paper to the rock, then drag the rock to the scissors.

Level 11: Help the chicken cross the road!
– drag the road on the other side

Level 12: Search.
– tap and drag the searchlight

Level 13: Discover gravity!
– tap on the tree, and make is shake

Level 14: Help him look good for his date.
– swipe the hair back and click on the hair

Level 15: Cake the cat!
– swipe the cake to the cat

Level 16: What grade would you give this game?
– Answer is F+, then D-, then C, then B+, then A++

Level 17: How big is the universe?
– Answer is: I don’t know

Level 18: Don’t hit the duck.
– tap on the duck

Level 19: Booger Bob!
– Swipe the booger up

Level 20: I like to eat eat eat…
– tap on the apple and banana at the same time

Level 21: Ansenr tihs qseuiotn.
– Answer is: Aihglrt

Level 22: Pick the biggest number!
– Answer is: 15

Level 23: Scare them away!
– take the poop stick and wave them away

Level 24: It is going to rain, how can he not get a hair on his head wet?
– remove the hair

Level 25: Find the polar bear!
– upper right corner

Level 26: The internet weighs as much as?
– Pull feathers off the chicken

Level 27: 27.
– Tap on the green buttons

Level 28: Give them googly eyes!
– take the eyes to the chicken’s eyes

Level 29: Rock, paper, scissors? Beat paper!
– put the rock, paper, and groundhog together

Level 30: Match the card.
– Tip take a screenshot

Level 31: Help the old man win!
– Drag the old man to the finish line

Level 32: Make it stinky!
– place the scissors on the slice of cheese pizza

Level 33: Pick it!
– tap on the finger

Level 34: I can’t find my pizza!
– tap on the tree, until the pizza fall out

Level 35: Jump to the end!
– Tap on the screen to make the donut jump

Level 36: Fix the sink!
– tap on each tile to finish it

Level 37: Don’t TOUCH anything!
– Don’t touch anything

Level 38: Which fruit is the most radioactive?
– Answer is: banana

Level 39: I am heavy forward, but backward I’m ‘not’. What am I?
– Answer is: polar bear

Level 40: That cat is too skinny!
– Feed the cat, first watermelon, then tomato, then cake.

Level 41: Click on the exact middle of mAp?
– Tap on the text map on the map

Level 42: Jump over the moon!
– Tap on the screen to jump

Level 43: Drop the cherry!
– Tap on the screen

Level 44: Find the treasure map!
– Pick up the rock and break the egg, then click on the map

Level 45: Step on him!
– Click on the screen

Level 46: Can you pick the oldest?
– Put the finger on the nose, then click on the dinosaur

Level 47: That cat is too skinny!
– Feed the cat with watermelon, tomato, and banana

Level 48: I lost my pizza again..
– Pull feathers from the chicken, until you see the pizza

Level 49: Hammer the nail all the way in!
– Tap on the screen

Level 50: Don’t hit the other cars!
– Swipe to the left and right to move the car